Car Finance Deals

Getting your car loan applications finalised can be quicker and cheaper if you know who to ask and what to do. That’s why we can lend you a helping hand with your financing.

Financing your new or used car with a car loan can be made simple and easy. Find out more about the different financial tools you can use to finance a car, whatever your budget may be!

It’s important to look at your loan options when you are looking at a new car loan. With proper comparisons and analysis, new car finance can be a breeze!

Getting financing for your used car can be easy no matter what budget or situation you have. Let us show you how to get the best car finance deals around.

With Car Loans, there are a number of options including novated leases, secured or flexible, and of course the terms and conditions that govern each different loan is specific to a particular use. We at The Smarter Finance Company are here to help you find out about how each financing plan works and get it implemented to your advantage so that you can have an efficient and effective method of acquiring that new car without breaking the bank!


  • Our expert advice on the most suitable financing plan for you
  • A detailed comparison and analysis on the available financing plans
  • Flexibility in payment terms - monthly amount and period of repayment
  • Choice of balloon payments or upfront deposits
  • Tax deductible and GST-free financing plans
  • Same day approvals
  • Low document requirements for professionals for loans up to 150k
  • Entirely tailored solutions customized to your business or personal situation!

Help is at hand! The Smarter Finance Company will ensure that you get a cost effective and sustainable loan plan to finance your new or used car in no time! Whether you want to peg your car with your salary or you are looking for more flexible options, we have the financing solutions for you!

It’s so easy to compare car finance for all sorts of requirements and budgets when you get The Smarter Finance Company on your side.

Getting the best car finance deals is easy when you have good connections like us! Let us help you get the best rates in town when you’re financing your new or used car.