Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tips for Buying your First Car

Buying your very own car can make a big impact in your life, We’re sure you want to make a good decision!

So why not find out more about what to look out for here:-

1) When to buy
Look out for special dealership anniversaries or road show specials where they may give higher discounts than normal. The holidays and other public holidays may also yield better prices.

2) What to buy
Look at what you need to decide what car would suit you the best. Different levels of performance, safety, reliability and fuel consumption will make the difference between a station wagon and a sporty cabriolet!

3) How much to spend
Do a quick self-check to ensure that you have the funds you need for what you want. You might want to examine your savings, income and whether you want or need certain features in the car you’ve picked.

You can also look to our expert financing advice to get a good overall understanding of your situation. Good luck!

Tips for Buying your First Car