Monday, 1 February 2016

Questions to Help you Decide on a Car

Finding that one car? Ask yourself these questions first!
Family Situation? Thinking about that sporty 2-door? Think again! Do you have a big family? Perhaps you’ll need more space!
Lifestyle Choices? If you need space in the car for your work tools or for a golf bag or boogy board, then you may want to look at a car with a bigger capacity.
Commuting Habits? Comfort and fuel economy are key if you’re travelling long distance. You may need better traction and control if you drive in hilly terrain too.
Do you Need Power?  You don’t quite need too much power if you live in the city where there are lots of traffic lights. This depends a lot on your commuting habits too!
Tax Rebates? Do you want to utilise your car to get you tax rebates? Look at the different financing plans to get you the best deal.
Budget!! Don’t overspend! You could literally be paying for choosing above what you can afford for a long time to come! Ask the experts to help you work out a comfortable amount to pay for a new car.

The Smarter Finance Company helps people every day with car financing problems and questions. Our doors are always open to you if you need us!