Thursday, 12 May 2016

Reviewing the Volkswagen Golf

Read the review on the Volkswagen Golf to have a real life opinion to decide on a car financing option.

The Car

The Volkswagen Golf is yet another old-timer on the market with exceptional value retention.

The Golf is turbocharged, but very economical. You also get stability control and City Emergency Braking system in higher models qualifying it for 5-stars ANCAP rating.

The Drive

We love how the Golf handles steering and stability at turns. There is also little noise even on highways.

The downside is the hefty additional sum needed for more power and 4-wheel drive.

The Interior

The driver’s seat is comfortable and adjustable for a good vision but the quarterlight windows are distracting.
You get a 6.8-inch colour touch screen and Bluetooth phone connectivity with well-positioned dials on the dash.

It is comfy for every passenger and the boot has 280-litres of cargo space or 1,270 litres with the rear seats folded.


The only concern is its hefty pricetag but it is worthy looking at the retention of its resale value.

Reviewing the Volkswagen Golf