Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Reviewing the Toyota Corolla

Read the review on the Toyota Corolla to help you make a decision on car finance rates.

The Car

The Corolla into its 11th generation has managed to maintain its sales numbers as a “safe choice” for an all-rounded family saloon.

The latest model tries to up its street style with Toyota putting in efforts to showcase a more up-market feel.

You get efficient running costs and fuel economy coupled with impeccable service standards and a strong resale value as well as the full 5-stars ANCAP rating.

The Drive

The Corolla gets a new electric-assist power steering and better suspension but the drive wasn’t exciting with its ordinary engine.

The car also struggles at corners with the rear waggling over bumps. Stability and traction help to ease a little, but loses speed.

The Interior

You will get a leather steering and fabric-trimmed seats. The 4.2-inch colour screen provides you with technology and connectivity.

The new version gives more rear and boot space. The windows are small so we’d recommend the sunroof.


The Corolla is a decent car in the industry which is a typical run of the mill appliance but still retains its value well.

Reviewing the Toyota Corolla