Friday, 29 April 2016

Reviewing the Jeep Renegade

The Renegade is a reinvented compact SUV. Read up its review before peeking into car finance deals.

The Car
The Jeep is a symbol of an off-road vehicle just like the Renegade. With its high ground clearance and water-fording capabilities, you are obviously getting a rugged vehicle. The Renegade is awarded a 5-stars ANCAP rating with 6 airbags and software that prevents the car from rolling. Its huge tyres cushion potholes reducing accidents risks.

The Drive
The Renegade is smaller so steering at corners is a breeze with its grip handling. Quick steering and lusty diesel engine can do so much for that off-road adventure. One drawback is its box shape which hinders visibility and encourages wind noise but its grip tyres compensate all that.

The Interior
Overall space is poor in both the cabin and boot but seats can be folded to suit your needs. The revamped furnishings and rev-counter graphics are in for a change.

The Renegade is an obvious off-road prowess but it is noisy and might require additional funds for plush fittings. The Smarter finance company can help you with that.

Reviewing the Jeep Renegade