Monday, 4 April 2016

Reviewing the BMW 1 Series

Read what we have to say about the BMW 1 Series before you start looking at car finance options.

The Car
The BMW 2011 model replaces the 2004 model with a sportier look. It has a 5-star ANCAP rating due to its features like 7 airbags and climate controls.

The Drive
The BMW 1 series is the only hatchback with rear-wheel drive so you can expect a steady drive. Looking at its size, it generally gets tricky while parking and a little twitchy at high speeds.

The Interior
Rear-wheel drive often compromises the rear space and the center seat is raised making it quite uncomfortable to sit on. As for the rear window, it is relatively small so parking would be tricky due to poor visibility and bad natural lighting. The boot caps at a generous 360 litres complementing generous storage areas throughout the car.

The 1 series is a pretty good catch for a hatchback from a trusted brand, ensuring you with a guaranteed resale value. Talk to us today to discuss the necessary finances.