Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Reviewing the Honda Odyssey

The Odyssey is one of the more popular Honda models. Read on before finalizing your car finance figures.

The Car
We really love the Odyssey minivan that is perfect for families by providing performance without sacrificing design. There are many technological advances such as an infotainment system and HDMI input which further support family needs.

The Drive
The Odyssey has a decent engine that provides power regardless of its bulkiness. Parking is nevertheless an issue due but the reverse camera and the automatic parking system will come in handy. It also takes on corners well with a responsive handling.

The Interior
The Odyssey is made to provide 8 people with comfort over aesthetics with its dual sliding doors and movable seats. The third row can be folded to make room for other purposes but with added help as the seats are quite heavy. The driver gets to enjoy the drive too with dials at the center stack and a second display for gadgets.

The Odyssey is an all-rounder family car so it is no surprise that people are asking to finance it as well as to insure it.

Reviewing the Honda Odyssey