Saturday, 9 April 2016

Reviewing the Ford Ranger

If you are on a hunt, read our opinion on the Ford Ranger before peeking into car finance deals.

The Car
The Ranger has recently gotten new features upgrades like lane departure warning and cruise control with gap assistance. The Ranger comes with Regular, Double, or Super Cab versions so you can opt for the required size. It focuses more on heavy-duty work, so it is perfect as a commercial vehicle.

The Drive
As a utility vehicle, you can expect stable handling but obviously agility is compromised. There are technologies to aide your daily commute regardless of which terrain so parking or steep slopes are not an issue.

The Interior
The Ranger is more of a workhorse so you can expect a sturdy exterior. Space is abundant all around when it comes to either squeezing 5 adults comfortably or that laptop inside the glove compartment.

The Ranger is fantastic for everything heavy-duty looking at its size and power which means it can be a little difficult to park.

Reviewing the Ford Ranger