Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Car financing for Newbies - The Novated Loan

How can you use a novated loan to help finance your car? Find out more below...
How it works - Ever wish you could streamline your car payments? The Novated Loan helps you integrate your financing payments into your salary structure with the help of your employer! Choose a non-maintained novated loan to retain some control of how you pay for your car’s expenses and a maintained novated loan if you would prefer all the variables to be taken care of.
Pros - There is convenience in including your payments in your salary. Both parties are rewarded in this mutually beneficial relationship and more than in just good feelings! There are tax deductions also of course! And the lender is happy to lend you a larger amount at a smaller interest rate too.
Cons - The car remains under your name so if you are out of a job, the responsibility is on you to continue making payments.
The Novated Loan can make your life easier, but let The Smarter Finance Company help you work out the details. Call us today!

Car financing for Newbies - The Novated Lease