Sunday, 10 January 2016

What to Do when Researching Car Finance Rates?

Here are some important things to look at when you are starting to look around for car financing deals

Monthly Payments
Balance making your payments and your cash flow so that you can get a god class of car and still have spending money at the end of the day! Don’t forget other costs like taxes, petrol, insurance, and maintenance!

Interest Rates and Fees
Examining how your plan is affected by interest rates and even late fees and non-payment fines can help you determine exactly how much you should take out on your loan.

Credit History
Have these documents on hand so that your application can move smoother. These will affect your loan approvals too!

Your Credit Score
  • Previous and current addresses
  • Employment and income history
  • Declaration of (any other) income
  • Declaration of any other Assets and Loans

When in doubt, head to your nearest car financial professional (like The Smarter Finance Company) for help!

What to Do when Researching Car Finance Rates?