Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How to be Safe in your Car

Your car can be a dangerous machine, what more out on the road and at a high speed? Take some advice from us and be safe!
1) Don’t Drink and Drive - We’re sure that you know full well the effects of alcohol on you even when you’re not driving. Play it safe and get a designated driver or take a cab instead of driving.
2) Stay Focused - Don’t be on your phone, keep your eyes focused on the road. Kids should be safely buckled in and pets in pet carriers. Don’t get distracted!
3) Don’t drive when you’re Sleepy - It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep sometimes, or perhaps you’re sick and are taking medicine that makes you drowsy. Either way, it’s a better idea not to drive if you don’t think you’ll be alert on the road.
4) Keep Cool - No matter what happens on the road, don’t let anger or road rage get the better of you. Taking it out on someone else can cause them to lash out too so keep a cool head as best you can.
How to be Safe in your Car
Make sure your car insurance is in check and be safe! Being safe starts with you!