Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How to get a Fair Deal for your New Car

Want to make sure that you get a reasonable quote for the car you want? Take some tips from us!
Negotiate the Final Price - Be firm on your final price and try not to negotiate on add-ons once you’ve made your stand.
Expect Sales Tactics - Don’t be pulled in by limited time offers or pushy sales people. Focus on your criteria and meeting it. It may be hard not to be influenced but know that sales tactics are to be expected.
Make the Most of your Quotations - It might seem obvious, but getting a number of quotes means you can pick the cheapest car from the lot! Telling the dealers that you are getting other offers may also further reduce their figures!
How to get a Fair Deal for your New Car
Shopping for cars can be stressful, and so can comparing car finance too! But for that, you can always give The Smarter Finance Company a call! Why not do that today!