Monday, 11 January 2016

Car financing for Newbies - Roadside Assistance

We find out more about Roadside Assistance and how it can benefit you when you buy a new or used car.
How it works - A roadside recover team can help you get back on the road if something happens to you when you’re driving. A tow or a quick jumpstart or even help retrieving your keys from a locked vehicle is easy when you have a trustworthy team to call.
Pros - Sometimes you just need a helping hand but you don’t know who to call. Roadside Assistance gives you the peace of mind that someone with experience and a solution can come to your rescue at any time.
Cons - If something doesn’t happen during the term of your subscription (which is a good thing), your subscription fee goes down the drain.
Car financing for Newbies - Roadside Assistance 
Don’t you think it’s better to be safe than sorry? Find out about the options for Roadside Assistance with The Smarter Finance Company today!